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Is real estate for you?

Real estate is a business where you provide a service to an open market. Regardless of being a small condo owner or have a large building, real estate is a business.

Your answer is directly related to your confort levels and current time commitments as you would need to manage the business. Therefore, you have to decide if you want to be hands-on (involved in the every day operation) or be hands-off as just a capital investor (money partner).

Our strategy is to facilitate investing in real estate for people who prefer a hands-off approach to real estate. For the most part our business partners are already busy with family or have a successful career that prevent them from taking a hands-on option.

When to investing in Real estate?

Yesterday is long gone so no need to spend time on that one. Tomorrow? Well you can wait for next week or how about next Monday? (like the gym). Best time to do something is TODAY. That is, don’t wait to invest, you invest then wait.

Is real estate Risky?

Yes, it is. Specially when you have no clue of what are you doing. However, you can minimize your risks by getting educated or partnering with an experienced real estate investor.

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